Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Promote A Sex Class/Workshop with SexyAdultMedia!

Happy Tuesday!

SexyAdultMedia is all about helping adults enjoy sex! We do so with sex toys, dvds, discussions, clothing and now sex classes/workshops! We've found that sex classes and sex workshops are the perfect way to learn new things and spice up your love life. You also get to meet like-minded people!Just checking in and wanted to let everyone know about the new happenings...

We are currently in the process of building a webpage specifically for the promotion of such events on our website: www.sexyadultmedia.net.

If you've been to a class/workshop that you enjoyed or host a class/workshop that you'd like us to inform our visitors about please send information about your event to: sexyadultmedia@gmail.com

We'll post information for events in all cities so long as the topic of the event is legal! We'll use our website, blogs, social media sites, and more to get the word out about your event. This is completely free of charge. We just like to help!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brand New Store Features!

Great News! We JUST updated our store to add a bunch of new features! We now have advanced product support, advanced order support, advanced security/privacy features, more payment options and even real-time price comparisons on products! We still offer the best sex toys, porn, and adult products at low prices; we just do it even better now!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back-to-Schoolgirl Time!

Summer is coming to a fast end , which means it's Back-to-School Time!! And honestly, who doesn't love a good School Girl?  Studies have shown that there is no clothing fetish more common than the Naughty Schoolgirl.  It's universally recognized and universally enticing.  The synonymous plaid skirt, white button-down, and pigtails are a must-have for strippers and nearly all fetish websites, magazines, and videos.   Just think, Britney Spears in the video for "Baby One More Time."  

Indulge in your wild Schoolgirl Fantasies here: http://sexyadultmedia.com/main.link/div/dvd/page/browse/cid/328

and don't forget the also popular Cheerleaders: http://sexyadultmedia.com/main.link/div/dvd/page/browse/cid/229

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Throat- Our Cautionary Review

Happy Saturday! Our review of Throat is finally in...

Throat: A Cautionary Tale - Released by Vivid, 2009 (DVD, BLU-RAY)

This one was a lot more complicated to review than we had anticipated! We originally discovered this movie while watching "Deeper Throat", a 6-episode reality series that aired on ShowTime. The series followed Steve Hirsch of Vivid as he tried to gain the rights to re-make the legendary "Deep Throat" from the nutjobs over at Arrow Productions. Hirsch ultimately does not get the Rights to the title.The series was hilarious and fun to watch so we were excited for this move to be released. This movie was neither hilarious nor fun.

Without ruining the movie, I'll summarize it as follows: A young girl (Sasha Grey) is dead. The movie then begins to explain how this came to be. It starts when she begins performing in a live porn theatre to help make ends meet for her and her boyfriend. While taking instruction from a fellow performer, she discovers that she can orgasm by giving deep throat oral sex. Her boyfriend decides to take advantage of this talent and begins basically whoring her out for money in a garage. She's finally "rescued" by a sex club owner (Evan Stone), but is eventually taken advantage of by him as well. She finally looses it during a live performance at the sex club, and bites the cock of "the biggest porn star in history" (that can be debated!) in a fit of rage. After this, she winds up dead and I won't spoil the movie by saying who did it.

As this was as much a movie as it was a porn, it is quite heard to rate. Overall, we were both disappointed. We were expecting a fun porn movie for couples, and this was a dark and depressing tale. Even we were not turned on by it! The sex scenes were actually quite good, but with all of the other terrible and depressing things going on it was difficult to get into the hardcore, fast and furious action. Well actually, we found it impossible! It felt more like we were watching a movie that anti-porn groups would put out to demote porn. Sounds strange, but I know you'll feel the same way if you see it. I personally didn't like that half way through the movie she starts orgasming through vaginal sex and the whole clitoris in the throat thing kinda goes out the window!

For the most part, the acting is pretty much what you'd expect from a porn movie. We like Evan Stone a lot and he did pretty well in this film. Sasha Grey stole the show however. Aside from her impeccable deep throating skills and super wet blowjobs, she did a great job bringing her character and the story to life. We don't think that Vivid could have casted a better star to play this role. Easily the best acting performance we've ever seen from a porn movie! If you think you've seen better please give us a shout!

If you're looking for a beginner porn film or a porn movie that's going to jumpstart your night, don't buy this! If you'd like to watch a mystery/drama that happens to have a lot of XXX action in it, then this is the perfect movie for you! Ultimately, this website rates porn. We like porn that is exciting, fun, and turns us on. I have to call this a rare strikeout from Vivid and award-winning director Paul Thomas. I give it only 2 stars out of 5.

-The Couple
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sex Toy Fact

During the Victorian era, women suffering from hysteria were prescribed vibrators to calm them down.  Sounds much better than a Xanex, if you ask me!!


Need a "prescription" for your hysteria?  Choose from over 5000+ vibrators for your cure here!






Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Male Chastity Tips Anyone?

So I've been looking into male chastity and I'm quite intrigued! I talked to John about it and he said he'd "give it a whirl". I've looked at many different kinds of belts and the one that seems to be the most popular is the CB-6000. 
I don't plan on getting too hardcore with it, but there will be times when I keep him in it for a little while. I want a belt that will be comfortable for him to wear for extended periods of time. I've done a lot of research on male chastity, but it's not the same as talking to real people who have done  it! I'd greatly appreciate any tips on what kind of belt to buy and what kind of games I can play with him to make it fun! You can reach me at sexyadultmedia@gmail.com. 
Looking forward to it! :) 


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hump Day is almost here!!!

We survived another manic Monday, (hooray!) which means we're one day closer to the weekend. If only it would stop raining! I swear the week drags that much slower when it's gloomy outside. I just hope things clear up by Friday...got a big surprise party planned. Which reminds me, does anyone have a good recipe for sangria? Nothing says summer like lounging by the pool with a glass of cold sangria with your friends.

Anyway, tomorrow's Hump Day, and you all know what that means ;). If you need a special pick-me-up to help you get through your week, scope out the latest SexyAdultMedia Hot Deals! - I especially appreciate the Stimulust Package, which offers a great Hardcore DVD 3-Pack Collectors Edition for only $9.99. Great for you and your wallet!

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